75 Ways to Get New Clients

75 actionable ideas to secure your next client by tiiny.host

An easy to read, structured list of 75 practical & actionable ideas to secure your next client as a freelancer or agency.
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Hey Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ We've been working on a resource to help freelancers & agencies get more clients, especially in these turbulent times. 😷 Whilst browsing the web we couldn't find a thorough resource with ideas and actionable tips, only blog posts. You may have heard a few of these before but I think putting them into a handy resource helps you brainstorm new avenues for business. Let me know what you guys think! πŸ’¬ Have you tried any of these? Any more you think I should add? Looking to continually update this. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™
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@_baretto Awesome list Elston. I've signed up as I want more please! The UI is so simple, but effective - I just wanted to keep reading.
@tidze Thanks for the kind words Liam! Really glad you like the structure. Will be updating the list in a few days to watch out for it in your inbox :)
Love the idea and design! The β€œI’m feeling lucky button” is super smart
@sxsio thanks for your kind words! Glad you like the button 😊. I wanted an fun way to digest and suggest you a tip.
Congratulations. This looks really useful
Why there is no more posts
superb and concise !