7 Minute Workout

Scientific 7 Minute Workout app for Apple Watch

#2 Product of the DayApril 24, 2015
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@bhalp1 Oh of course! Can't forget about the 7 minute abs :)
Really excited to bring Quick Fit, our 7 minute workout, quick ab and yoga app to Apple Watch. I was inspired to make it after I got too busy to exercise while working on a previous app. Since our launch last year, Quick Fit has been featured in an Apple Ad and has helped a million people to get off their butts (myself included). 💪 EDIT: Here's some promocodes (thanks for the suggestion @Bramk). Happy 🍎⌚️ day! http://tokn.co/aeyp5fjg http://tokn.co/9jmdyk5d http://tokn.co/uqrnp4hq http://tokn.co/6nqhcqkm http://tokn.co/5cgjayer
Apps like this are what is going to drive me to purchase an Apple Watch. This is awesome!
@thecoolestcool Thanks Ross! Fitness apps are definitely going to make the Apple Watch more interesting. That's why I picked up the Sport :)
Nice touch with the upside-down tiny hearts logo in the trailer <3
@mijlodaniel Thanks Daniel. It's all about those tiny details :)
@robjama Congrats on the launch! Can't wait to try it out. Excited to see all the fitness related innovation on the Apple watch.
@bombayhustle Thanks Tarun 👊