7 Days to Die

Scavenge equipment to survive the zombie horde



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Real Preben FrenningHunter@preben_frenning · CMT & Cofounder @ Inrupt AS
My favorite zombie survival game by far! It's still in early access on Steam, but has a lot of content, dedicated dev team, and every new big patch sparks excitement back in the game.
Edvins Antonovs@edvins_antonovs · Software Developer
Very interesting and promising game but from my point of view Steam is overloaded with "zombie-crafting-survivals" like this Dayz, H1Z1, Rust and etc.. But I like that devs made the game with Unity engine.
Real Preben FrenningHunter@preben_frenning · CMT & Cofounder @ Inrupt AS
@edvinsantonovs Agreed! I must admit I am a sucker for the genre though, and have tried most of them. The biggest difference with 7dtd from the others, is probably the fact that it's voxel-based, and has a focus on PVE rather than PVP. They have also recently implemented the beginning of the perk system, meaning you can start a server with some friends and specialize in different fields.
Edvins Antonovs@edvins_antonovs · Software Developer
@preben_frenning @edvinsantonovs I don't want to say anything bad about 7dtd, but I just personally get bored very easily playing PVE games. It's good that developers are doing their best to deliver a new features in the game.
Isaac Lien@isaacrlien · Co-founder/Designer at grandPad Inc.
Been playing this game for a couple years - easily my favorite multiplayer zombie survival game to play with friends.