A simple, scalable API for image processing.

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I don't quite understand what kind of image processing they do. It is not that hard and I wonder who would want to use this service, unless they have any image processing that you wouldn't easily be able to do yourself (so not things like resizing which is really easy). What am I missing?
@akirk We take the pain out of image processing by offering a hosted infrastructure built specifically for the task. Take a look at our API docs (http://bit.ly/6px-api-docs) for more info.
Wow, this looks exceptional. Excited to see what I might be able to build in a weekend. Going to try playing around with this in a few weeks.
@michaelschultz Can't wait to see what you build! Keep us updated on your progress and feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.
Love the functionality. I just don't think we'd be quite ready to have a 3rd party do our image processing. If this could be hosted on-premise, then I think we'd use it. Would you consider that?
@skasriel Licensing has definitely crossed our minds; however, at this point in time it doesn't make sense for us. We take care of the scaling for you, and ensure that images are processed on fine-tuned clusters geographically closest to where the request originated from (similar in ways to how a CDN delivers content). If you were to host 6px yourself, you'd have to ensure that servers were online in availability zones all around the world to achieve the efficiency 6px does. I'd love to chat more via email -- drop me a line at nick@6px.io.
as @akirk says, what sort of processing do they do? @nparsons08 can you clarify? your website is very unclear - do you compress pictures, do you rotate them? It says it's inspired by instagram, but that makes no sense without further context
@_jacksmith We handle a number of various image processing tasks (e.g. resizing, rotating, watermarks, conversions, etc.). Additionally, multiple tasks can be performed in a single API call (batch processing). The possibilities are endless, so we've stuck to outlining out functionality in our API docs (http://bit.ly/6px-api-docs). We're currently working on a "How it works" section on our website -- accompanied by realtime examples.
@nparsons08 those realtime examples would be a big help. Built a simple front-end for a similar project a few months back. Testers seemed to really like it. But it never launched.
How's that service different from Cloudinary? [http://cloudinary.com]
@F1ReMaN From what I can tell their pricing model is different. Cloudinary uses monthly bandwidth as a plan metric. If you're on their cheapest plan and one day you're featured on PH your monthly bandwidth may sky rocket if you're having to serve up the CDN asset all those times (not necessarily a bad problem to have!). But, looks like here that wouldn't be the case because of their "outputs" pricing model, the number of assets you generate through their platform over the user's lifetime is the only metric you have to worry about. I'd love if their free plan had a little more outputs available (maybe 1K) to really test it out before investing though :(
@hopkinschris Excellent explanation. Let me know if you need additional outputs -- just drop us a line at support@6px.io and I'll make sure you're taken care of.