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Looks nice but very similar to Cloud App ($5/mo), which I've been using for years. 2gb free and files limited to 100mb. You can upgrade to Jumpshare Plus ($10/mo or $8.25/mo yearly), which gives you 50gb and unlimited file sizes. Main advantage seems to be the ability to share files bigger than 250mb but it comes at double the price.
Curious what the actual market is for these types of services. Given the prevalence of Dropbox/Box, don't must just simply use their Share functionality?
There's also Droplr, which I use a lot
I've been using Jumpshare for 1,5 years now and it's one of the first things I'll download on a new computer. It uploads my screenshots automatically and attaches a shareable link to my copy and paste button. It allows me to easily share screenshots with coworkers without cluttering their downloads folder. The GIF screencasts have been golden too. It's great for showing the interactions of some new feature I build in our enterprise software. Or quickly show some instructionals (way better than a series of screenshots). I've never had reason to upgrade from the free tier. With the screenshots and screencasts I've never reached the max sharable file size (250MB), never needed more seconds to record my screen (30sec) and never filled up my storage (2GB).