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Hi, Founder of 5by here. We're super excited to launch the new 5by (on iOS + Android). How many times have you seen a video and thought of loved ones? Now 5by, not only makes it easy to find videos through 100 carefully-curated channels (+ new 5by, YouTube, Vimeo search) but now you can easily send videos and have group private conversations around it. We think the private aspect is really important. Not every video you want to share on your Facebook wall. But you may want to share with a small group of friends. We limit it to 12 people. Not because of technical reasons but because thats the amount you could fit a dinner table and thats what keeps the conversation quality. Let me know if you have any questions here or at greg@5by.com
@gregisenberg @5by Thanks for jumping in here, Greg. For some reason my initial thought when I saw your product was, "Ah it's the product hunt of video clips!" do you feel like that is a good way to describe 5by if you had to resort to an "X of Y" comparative description?
@gregisenberg Just wondering, is there a reason I can use @5by on the web without giving my phone number, but have to on iOS? It looks really nice, like the app I've always wanted, and others have tried before.
It's not easy to innovate and try new things when inside a larger organization. So congrats to @gregisenberg for giving it a shot with the updated 5by.
@byosko Thanks for the kind words, Ben.
I love watching standup comedy but often don't know who to check out. 5by's standup channel is perfect and requires no brain cycles. :) @gregisenberg been looking forward to you launch! Video consumption has changed quite a bit over the past few years with the rise of social, mobile, and unbundling of network TV (e.g. HBO and CBS' announcements last week). I realize this is a broad question but where do you see TV and video heading in the next 5 years?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. I think there will be a lot more quality online video content being created. For example, VICE (disclosure: partner of ours) has some amazing video content, that they are syndicating to YouTube (and 5by) for free. Brands like VICE make it easy for young people to question about cutting the cord. There is a huge segment of people (like me) that have never even 'had the cord'. At the same time, TV is going to syndicate a lot of their content on online platforms including free ones like Hulu. I also think that we haven't really scratched the surface on monetization of online video. For example, how do you integrate commerce? I think pre-rolls is a quick and easy way to monetize, but you'll see some interesting models really soon. What this all means is, better content, less ads, more places to view content and more cord cutting. Here, here!
Love the app, the design is slick and seamlessly intuitive! Congrats on the launch.
One of my fav video discovery apps turns into a chat. Curious what was the thinking behind it?