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Jonathan Kim
@hijonathan · Appcues
@hscasey I can't stress enough that tooltips are a terrible way to introduce users to a product/feature. Tooltips, as a design pattern, are great at calling attention to a specific area while adding a bit of context. But they fall apart when used to drag someone through a complex process unless that person is already committed to following instructions (aka… See more
Jonathan Kim
@hijonathan · Appcues
Hi there. @nbashaw recommended I do an AMA on Appcues, so I'll start with @daveambrose's question. Appcues is still very new, but customers seem to be hovering around two use cases: 1. Targeted introduction/tutorials. Onboarding isn't "one size fits all," and this is particularly true when your customers have access to different features depending on thei… See more
andrea saez
@dreasaez · Head of Customer Success @ ProdPad
<3 appcues. It's the best thing that's happened to us !
Dave Ambrose
@daveambrose · Steadfast Venture Capital
Smart. Would be great to see a bit more detail on the product when you land on the website, i.e. any current customers using the product to play with? Hard to really *get* it with a brief animation....
Derek Shanahan
@dshan · GM @ SuperRewards
- How'd you come to choose your price points? - How do you plan to acquire new users?