500 Products

A list of the Top 500 Products on Product Hunt

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Following the same format as 500 hunters and 500 makers of course! It's nice to see the breakdown by year. Pro-tip: You can see the top posts on PH ever using this link too: https://www.producthunt.com/sear...
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@bentossell Thanks Ben. Figured it made sense to round out the leaderboard offering!
@bentossell awesome - would also love a second level filter for category
500 Products is a list of the top Products of all-time on Product Hunt, updated once a day. You can also sort the list by year. It's interesting to see which products have resonated the most with the Product Hunt community.
@erictwillis Thanks for the hunt Eric. I think that's all the leaderboards now, for ProductHunt at least. @mazzeo requested on for Twitter Lists over the weekend: https://twitter.com/Mazzeo/statu... πŸ˜€
@erictwillis That's a great page Eric! By the way why set the limit to 500? Are you trying to ride on the coattails of 500 Startups? :) Maybe if there was a way to categorise and search by category it would be even more helpful!
How is Startup Stash still number one?!
@tomfme because @bramk is the OG!
As always, brilliant work!
Love it! Mubs maybe you could make sprite for logos? It takes ages on mobile to load 😁
@4th_seguleh Thanks! I'm using the logos that come back from the ProductHunt API, but @neuling2k suggested some tweaks that I'll try and implement.