4K Stogram

Ultimate Instagram downloader for PC and Mac

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4K Stogram allows you to download and backup Instagram photos and videos, even from private accounts.
Hey Product Hunters, we are really excited to present 4K Stogram 2.0 to you here. We have designed this tool specially for those who want to enjoy the Instagram universe of beutiful pictures on their desktops. We hope you all will enjoy desktop browsing Instagram posts by hashtag, location and username on your PC, Mac or even Linux. You can also backup your account in seconds, just login with your credentials of Instagram. Note that 4K Stogram doesn't store the passwords, it only uses one to get access token. Don't hesitate to post your questions about the product!
@alexandramalis Used it last week to save my pics, after about 5 unsuccessful tries at other programs. By far, the best :)
@marwannas Thank you for your kind words!
Love the functionality and ability to see up to nine pictures per row. I will definitely be using this!
@nickamessina yes you can use it as an alternative viewer of your subscribtions feed as well!
Hey Malis Cool and Interesting App! How is possible to download photos from private accounts?
@lambrianidesg You need to login with your Instagram credentials first, and then you can download the photos from the accounts that approved you as the follower, that's all!
@alexandramalis Awesome. Definitely I will give it a go as I have some Instagram photos that I want to store. Thnx Alexandra :)
Can I pick and choose which photos I want? Say I want just one or two photos, can I just submit a single URL?
@brody_berson No, you can only follow and download the entire accounts, hashtags or locations, but you can stop the photos loading once you have the wanted photo.
@alexandramalis Well that's annoying to try and get a particular photo. Do you have this on the roadmap at all?
@brody_berson Honestly we did't receive many requests for this feature, because the idea of application is the bulk following and downloading, but we will think about it!