404 Illustrations

Open-source catchy illustrations for perfect error pages

#2 Product of the DayApril 24, 2020
A growing collection of open-source illustrations for your page-not-found message. Choose a scene to inform the user of the error occurred with futuristic elements and cute characters. All scenes are compatible with Sketch and Figma.
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Hey hunters! Our team wanna show you our new free 404 Illustrations. It’s a pack of multi-style scenes with page-not-found situations. Choose a scene you like and use it to inform your customers about error 404. Pack includes fully vector illustrations in different styles for any taste, compatible with Sketch and Figma. 404 Pack is a growing collection of illustrations with futuristic elements and unique characters for your perfect error page. We found the unusual way to say that something went wrong on the website and now it’s your time to try. Catch promo code "stayhome" that provides a 25% discount for all our products, and even for Unlimited Access to Craftwork products during the whole year.
Ace! Craftwork design make really cool things, I'll probably use these soon 👍
@hypervillain Thanks a lot, Hugo 🤗
@tim_panov this is very nice and eye-catching!
@team_uigstudio Thank you! 🙌
Yayy !! Making 404s fun again, going to save a lot of time searching on dribbble. Thanks 🙌
@aditya_kandari Thank you!! Glad you like it 😄
Great idea! I remember when I worked at the company with a toucan on the logo, we had a 404 page with a dead toucan lying in a coffin... and now at my current company, we have a page like this https://imgur.com/a/rGw3dRU
@kengu_rut Wow, amazing! 👏