40 Day Startup 2.0

From Idea to Launch in 40 Days, without knowing how to code.

#5 Product of the DayMay 14, 2015
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Thanks for the hunt, Martin! When I did the original 40 Day Startup I really didn't know what to expect. It has been a fun journey building a startup live in front of 100 people. Along the way a powerful community formed and I got to understand the struggles that prevent people from launching on their own. A lot of people had ideas, but they felt their inability to design or code meant that those ideas would never see the light of day. So I decided to do the 40 day journey all over again, but this time with the restrictions that I couldn't code up anything on my own. Would it be possible to build a business that generates recurring revenue without knowing how to code? I believe so. This release also introduces the 40 Day Community where all 40 Day Starters get together, share their projects, the status of each, and the monthly analytics/financials behind them. Working on a project alone can be hard enough. Doing it without a community of like-minded peers around to support you can make it REALLY tough. The 40 Day Community provides you with that support along with the inspiration of seeing others launch every single day. After launching two Saas products this year already I can't tell you the effect of surrounding yourself with people that not only love to create, but also launch can have on you. ---- Product Hunters get $50 off when signing up today.
It says this will help me find someone to develop the product with me. This has been the hardest part for me, how do you plan to do that? How can you be sure that the person will be affordable and talented enough to complete the project?
@bradenhamm Good question. I think there will always be some difficulty in finding that perfect developer, but I find that a lot of times people aim too big with their initial product launch. It's okay to have a grand vision, but once you start development you will quickly find that you often have to make some changes to that vision as you progress. It becomes easier to find a capable developer when you can break down your initial idea into sustainable pieces that any decent developer should be able to produce. A lot of times you really don't even need a hotshot developer to get something out the door initially that will build your audience and make you money while also sticking to your core idea.
@scrivs Yea, I've broken mine down to one thing, and I'm fine with good enough, but after finding multiple developers, none of them have actually followed through. Hopefully the current person finishes it up soon. It's been the largest source of frustration for me, and a time waster, so I was hoping there would be some sort of insider secret in your course.
@bradenhamm perhaps try another idea? Or learn how to code yourself?