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fMaker@felixoginni · design @resplashdesign
The 4 Minute Planner is the easiest way to add more structure your life, improve your productivity and get more important work done, without attempting to force your life into a structure that may not work for you. You'll plan your entire workday in just 4 minutes every evening and there is a little section at the bottom of the page to write down all the appointments, events and meetings that you need to plan your day around. Ivy Lee invented this way of planning so many years ago and I have to credit Scott Young for bringing it to my attention. So, why did I make this? We tend to get so busy sometimes that we end up spending most of our time on not-so-important tasks like email, "research", phone calls and meetings without even knowing it. That's the main thing that leads to working long hours without getting much done. I made The Achievement Journal in January based on how I solve this problem for myself and with the feedback I got from that, I realised that I needed to make it even simpler and easier to use because The Achievement Journal was too much of a commitment for a lot of people. So I distilled the entire thing down to it's minimum effective dose. To the smallest thing you can do every evening, that will lead to the largest gain in your natural productivity. I hope you find it as useful as I have.
Bhavin Prajapati@bhavprajapati · Product & Growth
@felixoginni The link is not working :(
fMaker@felixoginni · design @resplashdesign
@bhavprajapati Thanks for the heads up. It's fixed now.
Derek Nuzum@dnuzum · Product Manager | Web Developer
Price seems a little steep.... But, I like the idea.
Pawel Kadysz@pawelkadysz · Founder, tookapic.com
@dnuzum It's down from $100,000 to $32. I'd say it's a pretty sweet deal ;)
Derek Nuzum@dnuzum · Product Manager | Web Developer
@pawelkadysz it doesn't say anywhere on the site it was ever $100 and if production costs are that high, they need to be either mass produced or a different supplier. Too much for only quarter of the year.
Pawel Kadysz@pawelkadysz · Founder, tookapic.com
@dnuzum $100K not $100. Sorry for not making the joke more obvious: http://cl.ly/fp8X
Ria Lupton@ria_lupton · Community Lead - Product Hunt Toronto
How is this different from the Productivity Planner? Seems pretty similar :)
fMaker@felixoginni · design @resplashdesign
@ria_lupton mine is based on the 1 3 5 productivity system and what I learnt from Ivy Lee. I guess they had similar inspirations https://www.themuse.com/advice/a... http://99u.com/workbook/15206/br...