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That awkward moment when your gf appears on 3nder
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@jongold https://www.behance.net/gallery/... did a bit of breakdown of the concept behind the brand and the product.
@jongold u may be interpreting my slides perhaps more literally than they were intended... ;)
@davemcclure ahah, wasn't sure if you literally meant it like that :P
i can see so many people face palming themselves at this app (+ commentary). while it IS interesting, and i'd be curious at its effectiveness, it also reinforces the stigma that 20-something techies only care about solving the problem of 20-something techies (in this case, not enough threesomes).
@eriktorenberg better than not solving any problems at all though.
@eriktorenberg true true the world has its big problems. What's interesting is that you can solve lot's of stuff with just an app
@denull i'll get off my soapbox .... tell us about threesome stories that have happened on 3nder!
Yeee... Happy to see my baby here, already triggering some interesting conversations. The reality in my mind is that 3nder is simply an app for finding likeminded people. So far tinder gets the conservative kind of people and when you approach someone there you have to be really careful. As for 3nder you can be yourself, it's straightforward.
@denull Do you think the name paints the app into a corner with this though? I don't know much on this topic, but I've heard the occasional interview with someone who self-identifies in different ways like "sex-positive", "polyamorous", etc, but I got the impression that "X for threesomes" is very different messaging from the way they seemed to view these things. (Compared to, say, dudes trying to have a threesome). Would be curious to know how the userbase breaks down.
@staringispolite lot's of dudes, but only 60% of them are straight. So we are slowly getting their. We want to be the wonderland to everyone so we don't really mind.
Interesting for the modern couple/singles out there.