3D & AR on SVRF

The best 3D objects + environments for ARKit & ARCore

3D & AR on SVRF is a curated collection of the makers' favorite free and downloadable 3D models for ARKit and ARCore applications.

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Thanks @ryandawidjan for posting to Product Hunt! We’re excited to launch a collection of 3D objects and environments on SVRF that you can drag and drop into your ARKit or ARCore applications. As SVRF is first search engine for immersive content for VR/AR, we were inspired by how great many of the AR experiences were and wanted to help empower *anyone* to easily make them using ARKit & ARCore. We will continue to update this page with our favorite, free, downloadable 3D objects and environments and begin to integrate 3D more into our product :) Read more about SVRF x AR here: https://blog.svrf.com/svrf-x-ar-...
@sophiaedm this is really cool - great work!
@sophiaedm congrats on the launch! Already shared this with a few friends that are working on ARKit apps 🔥 Made Dancing Stormtrooper GIF P.S.The virtual world you made of Vitalik's shirt from his talk with Naval at Disrupt is epic 🦄 https://twitter.com/svrf/status/...
@nivo0o0 aha thanks Niv! Appreciate it!! 🌈🦄🚀
This index reminds me of all the wacky, fun stuff you'll find in Giphy's index. I'm partial to the "cat" search results. 😸
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Definitely a vibe we’re going for :)



Easy to use



It's a great idea. Which format do you support? The content is licensed under CC or what kind of license? I'm interested in an integration of your library into our VR creation tool www.cospaces.io Would you offer any kind of API?