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Modern cryptocurrency mining pool for GPU mining rigs


2Miners is a platform for altcoin crypto mining tools.

4 Reviews
Slava Karpenko
 +4 reviews
  • Slava Karpenko
    Slava KarpenkoLead lurker

    Nice looking, fast, quick support turnaround


    Haven't really encountered anything

    2Miners really stands out from hordes of typical, ugly mining pool pages: they did invest time in making their own frontend (or maybe they are based on something else, but it's not really noticable) with useful statistics. Also they have solo mining pools which take away the hassle of setting up the node and mining software locally when you really want to try your luck (or scientifically calculated it's worth it). I am mining solo ETP for half a year now and it's been a blast. Zero downtime, frequent payouts, all that.

    Slava Karpenko has used this product for one month.
  • Leonid
    LeonidBe honest and honourable

    Easily understandable, great statistics visualisation, reliable service


    Not yet the biggest pool, thus blocks time might differ much.

    I'm with this service since the very begiining. The biggest + here is simple interface - I call this pool "Apple" in mining pools. Believe me other pools are just copycats of eachother with unreliable statistics which is just completely useless most of the time. This service is made by miners and for miners. Highly recommend

    Leonid has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Responsible approach, simple solutions, always feedback



    Indeed, one of the fastest growing projects in the mining market. A responsible team does not just make money, but does it with pleasure!

    Sergey Litovchenko has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    nice stats and support


    not too many coins

    Can't do better than 2miners, stats are awesome, fast start of mining and no need to register

    Igor Sharipov has used this product for one month.