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Nadezhda Kos
  • Nadezhda Kos
    Nadezhda KosMarketing Manager, Sarafan Tech

    great idea


    can`t find

    Wow, that a great idea! My best wishes!

    Just tell me, please, what is the business model of your project?

    Nadezhda Kos has never used this product.
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MichaelMaker@michaelv_1322 · CCO, spycob.com
Hello, dear Hunters ^^ Every one has a problem when you're looking for brand stores and looking for something you like. But there are too expensive deals and even if you can afford it then you just don't want to overpay. That is the reason why people like sales. But then we meet another problem. Usually you should wait for a season sales or surf a lot of sites to find something acceptable. But in our team we decided to solve this problem! :) 2for1 just finds the best sales from largest U.S. Online stores and collects them in one place. Already we have website for the conservatives, Android App for the ones who want to have best discounts in a pocket and some multi screen features like Wishlist. I would be glad to receive some feedback from you guys :)
Taylor Cohen
Taylor Cohen@ttayl0r · CEO & Co-Founder - Backpac
This is my fav thing I've found on PH in awhile! I'm so addicted! What a great idea! Even the ads are spot on lol I'm so happy this exists ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
MichaelMaker@michaelv_1322 · CCO, spycob.com
@ttayl0r Thank you for this awesome feedback ^^