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I absolutely love what this company is doing. Love this 25/7 as well. Thanks Unroll.me!!
Unroll.Me partnered with a few of today's leading companies to bring you 25/7 — a weeklong productivity program, geared to help you gain an extra hour in your day. Our partners include Instacart, Gazelle, Yelp, Slice, Headspace, Homejoy and Dashlane. Leaders from these companies have provided time-saving tips as well as exclusive offers. All of the offers are now live! Happy to answer any questions :)
@jackdweck hi, Jack. Awesome idea. I was just curious about how a company could be added to the 25/7 list. Care to share details?
@napoleonsuarez thanks, Napoleon! Unfortunately it's a bit too late to partner for 25/7, but we'd love to chat about partnering in the future. Please email sara@unroll.me :)
@jackdweck I've never used Unroll.me (I disregard all promotional email) but like the company's mission to simplify email - as a result I've been following your progress and wish you guys the best of luck! In Feb 2014, [Josh mentioned monetization strategies for the company](https://zapier.com/blog/unrollme...) which included paid advertisements in Unroll.me's newsletters. Is 25/7 a testing ground for this monetization strategy? Also, do you have any room to elaborate on product @ Unroll.me and what else we can expect in the future?
@jonplaca thanks for the kind note, Jon! :) We've been running paid advertisements in our Rollup emails for over a year now with much success. 25/7 isn't paid advertising, though. We've partnered with select brands that we believe will help our users become more productive. We're working on some major product improvements, including an iOS app. Stay tuned for that!
Wow really nice work @jackdweck and team!