Ronald Suryamiharja
Ronald Suryamiharja reviewed24sessionsIf Calendly 📆 and Skype 📞 had a baby 👶

1. Video Call & Audio quality is good

2. Booking tied to my own calendar

3. Branding, Feedback & email summary follow up is very useful!


1. Video call on mobile without the app is not available yet

2. Video Call doesn't work only on my Safari browser

The ability to branding my own video call session and is awesome!!!

My client impressed the way how things displayed during the video call session and having smooth video call using 24 Sessions is the most important!

Ronald Suryamiharja has used this product for one month.
Rutger Teunissen
Rutger Teunissen@rutgerteunissen · CEO, 24sessions
Thank you so much for the review Ronald! We've just launched mobile browser meetings, so your guests don't need the App anymore!