22tracks 2.0

DJ curated Spotify playlists on iOS

#4 Product of the DayMarch 23, 2017
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We relaunched with an integration of Spotify and Apple Music in October, after hosting the music ourselves for seven years. As you can imagine this is a very, very difficult landscape to survive in as a bootstrapped music company. To avoid losing or forgetting our great genre playlists, we've created an app (built by Amsterdam based team Next Empire) where you only have to log in once with your Spotify (premium) account to access our DJ curated lists. By listening to these more undiscovered tunes, you will also significantly improve your Discover Weekly and Release Radar algorithms. An Android app is in the works as well. Hope you like it :)
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@vincent_reinders 22tracks is the Best Music discovery app around. Welcome back.
Great to see 22tracks back! Curation has always been top notch, and the simplicity of the new app is incredible. One piece of feedback is that i do miss the artist bio's/write-ups that were typically attached to the tracks. This layer of context is the aspect sorely missing from Spotify's playlists - however it's understandable the level of additional effort this could require from the curators/platform. Great work! Even the PH screens are slick af.
@jamie_shoard thanks Jamie! Indeed, we try to keep this app as minimal as possible. We're looking at integrating Apple Music in the future too though, depending on their API developments. PS: Enjoyed reading your Medium post this morning as well :)
@vincent_reinders Thanks Vincent! Looking forward to seeing the progress! If you're interested in chatting about the Apple Music API, Sam and I integrated it to Combo a little while back with a few bumps - but it works!
22 tracks is my favorite music discovery service, and it's never been in better shape 💖
Happy that they're back. Discovered a lot of new music thanks to their excellent curation. Spotify integration is a big plus.
Great to have 22Tracks back on my phone!