2048 bot game for Slack

The iconic 2048 game in your team’s Slack channel

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Hi there! Thanks for hunting us, Kevin! I’m Mike, CEO and co-founder of Revealytics, and I’m happy to present to you the legendary 2048 for Slack! We turned our team’s favorite 2048 into a Slack game. And the coolest part is that you can challenge your teammates and see who’s the best player in your team 😉 Take it for a spin! And don’t forget to share it with all your stressed and bored friends. Cheers, Mike
@trof HI! love this! What are you doing differently at Revealytics?
@rahulr047 Do you mean how we different from competitors? We're measuring most important financial and marketing KPIs like CAC and LTV and delivering them to Slack and web dashboard. It's very easy to integrate if you use Stripe. Try it :)
@trof @rahulr047 Hi, Mike,... KPI(CAC/LTV) for fin-tech startups or e-commerce?
@manana_samuseva @rahulr047 it's for SaaS and e-commerce. And actually for every company that using paid marketing to measure their marketing efficiency.
We need an anti-productivity topic on Product Hunt.
@rrhoover we are definitely up for this, gonna get to the top of the charts in that category with this bot ;)
@rrhoover Ryan, what do you think, maybe it's a trend? Well, this is quite the beginning! ... I have hope, I believe that this is the beginning of something big.
@rrhoover the next step is to build Minesweeper and Solitaire for Slack. It's a perfect time to add anti-productivity topic then :) BTW, games may be useful for teams to release stress and improve communication, don't you agree?
@trof the byline here should be "your productivity will suffer ha-ha"
First ever puzzle game for Slack. Great way to have a break or challenge teammates. You can add this bot to a channel and play with colleagues.
Hi, Mikhail! Great idea, this is one of my favourite games on iOS. Glad to see it in Slack. What are your next plans? Do plan to add more features?
@konstantyn_makarov Hi Konstantyn! We've created this game during our hackaton, so we don't have any particular development plans, we'll see. But we're thinking how to add multiplayer experience to the text based games, it might be interesting. Thanks for trying us!
Guys! My Score - 356:)) Do you have plans to do the something like that for a Telegram / Russia?
@manana_samuseva yes, we have actually launched one for Telegram as well, check it out here: https://telegram.me/the_2048_bot And hope by the time you read my message you'll have the score of 2048 😉
@iskander WoW! Geat!.. for all messengers and Facebook too? In those times, on what were you focused? chatbots and games? or...? Why you chose a Slack?
@manana_samuseva we'll see how it goes on Slack and Telegram first, Facebook might be our next victim! As for the focus, not really, we've made this game just for fun :) Actually our team uses Slack and we have built analytics Slack bot ourselves. It's called Revealytics bot and it delivers all key financial and marketing metrics right to the team's Slack channel. Staying late one night we just decided to make something fun – that's how the 2048 Bot was born.