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Justin Jackson
⚡️ transistor.fm
This year, I'm challenging myself to make 100 things. But I didn't want to do it by myself. I'm looking for people to join me in making 2016 our most creative year ever. You don't need to make 100 things (that's my goal); the point is to challenge yourself to spend less time consuming and more time creating. I've made a bunch of daily challenges, worksheets, and checklists to get you started (just click the link to sign-up).
Derek JobstUPenn '17, Engineer @ RaiseMe
@mijustin This is a great idea, and such a great way to start off the year. Thanks for posting.
David WippelCEO @ trigo.at
how about a trello board to share ideas and help each other?
Chris Scott
I make stuff for pro photographers.
No brainer. I'm in.
Danny HalarewichFounder & CEO, LemonStand
Love the spirit of this @mijustin! Totally in. I intended on getting back to making more this year, so this is perfect.
Kevin HorekCDO, TV & Radio Host
I am in! Up voted
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