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Create and share a website under 1 megabyte with the world


1mbsite is a free platform for creating websites. Website code can’t exceed 1 megabyte in size, but don’t let that fool you: you can build whatever your heart desires.

Would you recommend this product?
Ruby on Rails Developer, OHQ

I appreciate the concept about ease of deployment, getting things up, and using small sizes for the site. Definitely will be watching this going forward.


Easy to understand and use out of the box, very lightweight


This may be early stages, developer documentation appears to be somewhat light

Web developer that likes to experiment
There’s a link to API documentation on homepage now. It details a couple different endpoints 🤓
Sales Operations Manager, Grundfos

I registered. Had some issues logging in, but Dalton fixed some backend code and I'm now ready for editing.


It's 1MB. Dev is very responsive!


Login process for editing requires remembering a lengthy key.

Web developer that likes to experiment
I’m sorry for this inconvenience. I made a change to the API last night which broke the code editor’s ability to verify keys. This has since been resolved 😃 I’m hoping you’ll give 1MB another chance and give me an updated review afterwards ❤️
Web developer that likes to experiment
BTW the reason for the site key is people access their site via our API and CLI also and it’s better than sharing their passwords.
Web developer that likes to experiment
You’ll be happy to know that no key is required if you’re logged in now! 😉

I have been testing this product our for a while and overall it is fine, although I have noticed some things that bothered or upset me.

1. The editing process is not intuitive.

2. The documentation is incredibly lacking in well, documentation.

3. Sites have been banned without warning nor a written policy.

4. Rankings are extremely unfair.

5. Passwords cannot be changed

6. Downtime is incredibly high without any notice during maintaince.

7. Code editor is done by a third party which has buggy and poorly built code.

8. One megabyte of storage is too limiting, expecially if you are competing with services like Glitch.

9. Security is very low.

10. You can get banned just for "upseting" the administrator.


1. Responsive administrator.


1. You can only have one file, and it must be a "index.html".

2. Dynamic sites aren't possible.

3. Miner was implemented on all sites.

Web developer that likes to experiment
To those reading this review I’d just like to say that I don’t let emotions cloud my judgement when it comes to moderation. 1mbsite has a documented Community Standards page that users must agree to upon registration (https://policy.1mb.site/community). On a side note the concerns brought up about security are absolutely absurd. I use SSL to encrypt network traffic and use safeguards to protect your personal info on my server.

Its The Perfect Webhosting Service For css and html Beginners!

I Just Started Learn Coding And I Have Been Enjoying it ALOT!

you can check out my 1mb.site miniwebsite here : httpsL//sangraphic.1mb.site

Thanks Dalton!

- san


Perfect for Biggeners


1mb ( not really a problem for me tho )