1MB is a host where you can easily spin up static websites. Each w/ their own custom domains + SSL. 1MB also features an intuitive code editor you can access directly in your browser. Your drafts and open tabs are saved in the cloud so you can pick up anywhere
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Dalton is an inspiration. Really cool to see how 1MB is evolving!
@kilianvalkhof thanks so much! πŸ˜ƒ
Hey @daltonedwards, What's new in v3?
@calum I took over a year to rewrite the entire product from scratch. The cloud panel and code editor are completely new. The cloud panel now makes managing your sites easier than ever. Not to mention our code editor now supports opening multiple tabs, and they are all saved in the cloud so you can pick up coding anywhere from any device. Misc stuff - you can create directories and upload way more types of files.
@daltonedwards hello dalton, congratulations! I didn't know about 1mb until now, anyhow it looks really pro and useful ! Keep the good work !!
@juanpablosarmi thank you so much! 😊
Love the rebrand! Good luck! <3
@suibinhong thank you so much! <3
Nice update, Dalton! I noticed that whenever I save a file with CTRL+S the file gets saved successfully, but my browser openes the default browser "Save-Page"-menu nevertheless... I think you could fix that with "event.preventDefault();" or something like that in your JavaScript where you handle the keybindings... Keep making!
@anthemaker Thank you for the valuable feedback! I will apply that fix ASAP ❀️