19zen is a website, which goal is to show that we shouldn't forget about other health problems which are way more severe around our Earth now. Thanks to all healthcare people who risk their lives in this pandemic.
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Hi guys, About 2 weeks ago seeing how fast COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the world, a thought came to my mind. It is really scary to see how many people suffer from a new, severe virus. It discovered to be a reason for the world to become as united as it's never been before. But it also important to highlight, that there are much more wide health problems worldwide. And we must not forget about millions of people who lose their lives everyday because of different diseases. I am sure our planet will fight the coronavirus, thanks to the brave healthcare employees who are working extremely hard these long months to save us. What we might think about afterwards, is the ability to stay as motivated and united around other problems we have. I must say that I'm worried, that this simple website may cause anxiety instead of zen. Something which contains a word "death" is not the greatest source of calmness. That is why I would highly appreciate your feedback in 19zen. If you find it disturbing, please let me know. Thank you. Kirill.