Avoid Porch Pirates. Know exactly when your shipment arrives helps you avoid package theft. It tracks all your packages and sends real-time updates. You'll know the exact package arrival. Share delivery info with family & neighbors if you're away. Ship from your phone, with no address. Peace of mind. Delivered
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Hi everyone! We’re excited to launch on Product Hunt! My name is Joseph Disorbo, the Founder and CEO of I am a serial entrepreneur primarily around ecommerce and logistics. I sold my last company, Webgistix Corp, to Rakuten. After that I learned a lot about red wine (Napa, Bordeaux, Burgundy) then decided it was time to build something new. was created because we thought the shipping and delivery experience needed an overhaul to match the excitement of buying online. Whether you are buying online and waiting for delivery, or shipping a package to a friend or family member the process should be fun, easy to use, and transparent. Our solution solves 3 problems. Problem #1 - Managing tracking info that is sent via email. Tracking info still arrives in email. By the time you want to track it, the email with the tracking info is probably buried and hard to find. The app links to your Gmail shopping email (the Gmail account where you get the tracking number) and puts all tracking info in one place regardless of the retailer or delivery company. Problem 2 - Delivery notification and Porch Pirates. Package theft (aka Porch Pirates) is a real thing. The NYT recently published an articles saying 90,000 packages a day are stolen in NYC. Our app helps alleviate this in two ways. The first is the app user gets real-time delivery notifications. When it hits the door, you’ll know right away. Second, you can share the tracking information and delivery notifications with family, friends and neighbors or to a Place (and invite people). This way you and others know when you package arrives and they can get it for you before the porch pirates. It takes a village to fight pirates! Side Note: Our sharing functionality also works well if multiple people are using the same Amazon prime account (think family members). Problem #3 – Shipping packages to friends and family. There are a few problems here. The first is having the correct shipping address, which involves looking it up or asking the person (time waster). We solved the address problem with a ShipTag. My ShipTag is @Joe. You can send me a package only by knowing my ShipTag (like sending money with Venmo). No address needed. You don’t even need to know where I am because I manage my own addresses. Sending a package is now as easy as from @Joe to @Kyle. The second is going online to USPS, FedEx or USPS (to create accounts and compare pricing) to buy a shipping label (time waster). Or, going to the post office or UPS store to wait in line (bigger time waster). You can buy a label UPS or USPS label in the app, compare prices, and arrange pickup at your home/office! And it’s cheaper than going to the Post Office or a UPS store. Also, you will always have the most up to date address for all your contacts at your fingertips (in case you want send them a birthday present). We are constantly making improvements and really value any feedback. We hope you find this app useful. Thanks. Joe
Yes yes yes - been waiting for something like this for a while now. I, like everyone else, share my Prime account with other family members. Instead of going through me for status updates, I get them to sign up on So much easier.
@t_w_lee It definitely helps with the prime issue. Glad your using it.
I've been using the app for a while and I appreciate the new interface. Love being able to share tracked packages with ease. Keep up the great releases!
@joshua_stanley1 Awesome. Appreciate the feedback.
Easy to use. Removes the frustration involved in sending/receiving packages, which has become a prevalent issue since most of my shopping is done online. I also have college-age children to whom I ship regularly. not only makes the process convenient, but fun.
That's a great idea. Especially at a time that we order so many things that we forget we even ordered :-)