140 Canvas

Turn custom tweets into unique canvas prints


Ever Wanted A Tweet From Obama?

"Design your own" tweet in < 30 seconds.

We'll ship it to you as an A1 Canvas Print.

2 Reviews
Alexander Isora 🦄
Stephen Horglass
  • SHP
    SHPPublisher of books, magazines, games

    Great idea, great product, very well produced, ideal unusual gift for special occasion.


    Can't see any

    Ordered this for my niece. She was thrilled to have a framed tweet from Roger Federer!

    SHP has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Bought this for my daughter - got her a tweet from Beyonce telling her to study for her exams! She has hung it in her room and is very happy


    None so far!

    high quality production, and quite sturdy!

    Stephen Horglass has used this product for one week.