140 Canvas

Turn custom tweets into unique canvas prints

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Ever Wanted A Tweet From Obama?

"Design your own" tweet in < 30 seconds.

We'll ship it to you as an A1 Canvas Print.


  • SHPPublisher of books, magazines, games

    Great idea, great product, very well produced, ideal unusual gift for special occasion.


    Can't see any

    Ordered this for my niece. She was thrilled to have a framed tweet from Roger Federer!

    SHP has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Bought this for my daughter - got her a tweet from Beyonce telling her to study for her exams! She has hung it in her room and is very happy


    None so far!

    high quality production, and quite sturdy!

    Stephen Horglass has used this product for one week.


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Dun@huangdun · Product Designer
Should be 280 now.
Harry DryMaker@harrydry · I walk on water
@huangdun haha. We are rebelling against 280. 140 Poetry. 280 Prose.
Dun@huangdun · Product Designer
@harrydry that’s a very interesting reason. I’m feeling writing a poetry right now. By keep it in 140 characters exactly...................
Harry DryMaker@harrydry · I walk on water
When I was growing up Roger Federer was my hero and I always wanted him to tweet me. So for my birthday this year my friend got me a massive A1 Canvas with a tweet from Federer wishing me a Happy Birthday. Originally I thought it was real. And Federer had actually tweeted me. My heart was beating and I was totally shocked. Slowly it sunk in that it was all fake!! Anyway, I loved this gift from my pal. It was very original and something personal so I said to him, "Why don't we try and make these and sell them" and a few months later we did it and are on Product Hunt!!! Any Questions, feel free to ask
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Ha! Also check out Framed Tweets.
Harry DryMaker@harrydry · I walk on water
woahhhhh. Thanks for encouragement Ryan!! I got to say it means a lot coming from you. Framed tweets looks cool. Tempted to get a framed Kanye tweet!
Lester Nare@lesternare · Product and Marketing @ WikiRealty
Congress is going to love these
Stephen Headrick@stephenbuda
I actually already have a list of tweets I wanted to print (4 or so)...this is perfect 😂
Harry DryMaker@harrydry · I walk on water
@thestephen Hi Stephen. I'm glad you like the product. Were you thinking of sending as gifts to your friends? Motivation for yourself? I checked out your youtube channel btw. Good Luck ! 😺
Stephen Headrick@stephenbuda
@harrydry thank you! before i saw your product, i started making a list of tweets i wanted to put up in my work space (motivational, funny, etc). after finding your product, i'll also be using it for fun gifts to friends and the like.
Harry DryMaker@harrydry · I walk on water
@thestephen Alright Stephen, Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. It took a while to sort out our American Shipping and I wanted to give you the right info. At the minute, on the website you can only order 1 Canvas at a time. So this means you incur a £6 shipping charge for each canvas you order to the US. In reality though, if you are ordering a few Canvas to the same address we can save money on shipping and you'll get a discount. If your still interested, send an email to team@140canvas.com with your thoughts and we will be able to offer you a discount.