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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2014
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@rrhoover I never would have left Disqus for anything less than Prime. Secret up until now: I started 2 other projects (listed at that came very close to pulling me away from Disqus but shut both down before they got too much traction because: competing loves — Disqus won. For us I think we always knew the idea itself was special but we needed to know we had hit a big enough idea and one we could execute on to justify leaving our jobs. Owen was at Intel and I wouldn't have asked him to leave if I didn't think we had something really special to build. So we did nights + weekends to validate the idea (late 2012-early 2013) -> prototyping to validate the feel of the app (early 2013) -> left our jobs to jump full in and build the MVP (June 2013). ^^ That last step — leaving a job to build an MVP — may be a bit unconventional. But we had to. Here's why: we learned that health records are incredibly difficult to access, let alone in electronic form, let alone standardize. Nights + weekends were no longer going to work to build the magical tech that would actually allow us to automatically get your health records. We spent literally the entire summer working 16-hour days building the tech stack that makes Prime's automatic + instant nature possible. NB: we did not know we were going to be able to pull this off. We had a mutual agreement that if we couldn't do it, we could walk away smarter and knowing we'd given it our all. Of course this all seems very clearcut when I type it now. But it wasn't anywhere near that clean. It was so incredibly messy. We never knew for sure we were doing the right thing at any given time. I'd like to say I could see through my crystal ball that it was the clear path but really at some point we just had to take that leap of faith.
@TheTylerHayes just published a new blog post about some stuff we've learned in the past few weeks, thought I'd post it here in case anyone is interested. The short version: our conversion rate was low for a few weeks, then we learned stuff. Thanks for all the support everyone!
Hey my name's Tyler and they tell me I'm cofounder/CEO of this jamboree so feel free to toss questions my way, I'm here all day.
Hey, @thetylerhayes / homer! Thanks for jumping in. We met last year when you were transitioning out of Disqus to work on Prime. It's ballsy to leave a good job at a kickass company to go on your own. How did you make that decision?
@rrhoover — I'll chime in as the co-founder of Prime that didn't have a full-time job before we started. I had been doing contract design work for startups in and around SF for about a year (and in MN before that) and the decision was easy for me. Contracting can be pretty lucrative, and I got to work with some cool teams that are going to be very successful, but when @thetylerhayes approached me it was obvious and easy to say yes.