100 Business Ideas

Starting points to make money in the new economy 🤑

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The person who takes an idea, executes, and builds it up has an opportunity to make them priceless. The ideas throughout this book are ready for you to put in the work necessary to make them priceless.

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Kenneth Ocastro
Kenneth Ocastro@kennyth01 · Wanderer
This is brilliant!!!!!!! Its like ive found a gem. Thanks for this!
Dylan Langlois
Dylan LangloisMakerPro@dylanbrendan · Head of Growth @ Mission.org
@kennyth01 Thanks, Kenneth! 😀
Peter Bauer
Peter Bauer@peter_bauer
https://themission.co/wp-content... here’s the direct link to the ebook
Thanks, everyone. Hope one (or more) of these ideas helps you out!
Anna Key
Anna Key@anna_key
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