100 APIs for SaaS Cookbook

Top APIs to Build Great SaaS Product

A curated collection of over 100 APIs to help you build great SaaS products! Cut development cost, speed up launch & monetize faster.
What's included in this eBook?
- APIs recommendation by industry
- Cost comparison & review
- Use cases of APIs
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunt community, This ebook is a free resource for builders, prototypers, and SaaS companies to find APIs to easily find APIs for your applications. HOW IT'LL HELP YOUR SAAS: - Over 100 curated APIs picked for (1) affordability, (2) universal applicability, (3) performance - URLs to help you navigate directly to using them from a single API Marketplace - Pricing and use cases for each API Shout out to @whizzzoe thanks for hunting us! @graeme_fulton for great feedback and being a superfan.
The API is great Jed, I find it easier to use than signing up for APIs individually, especially to test them out, and mix and match different services
@graeme_fulton thanks for the shout out! We're breaking down the walled gardens of API service providers to create max value for users.
This is great. Awesome for any company building service-oriented product.
@waikit thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! The span of use cases that APIs can add value are virtually limitless. 15 mins of brainstorming is all it takes.
You're welcome, @jed_ng Great resources on the 100 APIs for SaaS, especially the recommendation by industry.
@whizzzoe thanks for the hunt. Means a lot coming from #1 Product Maker!
Great resource! Thanks for building this for the community.
@baptiste_parravicini Thank you for the feedback. Hope you found it to be a useful resource