1 Gallon a Day

Drink a gallon a day. It's easy.

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I had a similar app with a generic name (Probably "Drink more water" or something). Thing is, reminders always came in a bad time and were also followed by a sound of water filling a glass. When this thing blasted in a business meeting it sounded like someone peed in my phone. My usual question: When can I expect an Android version to check it out? And good luck!
@moravtchik No plans for Android (a drag I know). 1 Gallon a Day DOES have urination-esque notification sounds BUT you can control them! :)
Some people seem to struggle with drinking a good amount of water per day... I always keep two 2L bottles refrigerated and get through them both each day. I only started the habit since following 4 Hour Body a while back. It's a great habit to pick up and it's pretty easy to get into once you start. For those that struggle... try this app :)
Wow, this is sexy. Any chance of integration with Fitbit, etc.? They have a feature like this but I haven't used it much -- perhaps that problem was part of your inspiration.
No offence but the UI of this app looks like that of a game. Intentional? It's an app to remind you to drink water. The only thing it needs to do best is remind you regularly. Which by the way isn't very hard. For those who are wondering how I do it: - set up a recurring alarm on Google Keep with 3 hour intervals (create copies) - add a message saying "Time to chug" - stay hydrated
I upgraded to have custom bottle sizes, nothing happened after I paid for this upgrade. Am I missing something. If this upgrade works I'll enjoy this app much more.
@jeremybooth Hey Jeremy, the IAP unlocks custom goals, notifications and records but not custom quantities. Custom sizes will be in the next update. Just curious, what size bottle do you have?