When the Internet was built, computers weren’t mobile. The assumptions made 30 years ago are now making your Internet experience slow and insecure.
Warp replaces the connection between your phone and the Internet with a modern, optimized, protocol.
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Whenever I enable and as my DNS providers on my iPhone, connecting to anything on my phone takes forever. Actions such as connecting to my SmartThings devices, connecting to my LIFX lights, or loading Foursquare locations takes a very, very long time. Disabling fixes the problem right away.
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@magnuson I agree with you but I used on my PC.
kinda pedantic blog post intro paragraph... "we are better than others that enjoy April Fools".
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Happy April Fools Day!


My internet speed is too fast for my computer, I will like to speed it down.


The app size is too reduced. I will like to see at least a 1GB app.

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Here from the Cloudflare team! Warp represents a long-term vision of being able to use the network the company has built over the past nine years to help everyone who uses the Internet. It was originally meant to be our first mobile app, but after the reception we saw get last year we decided to dip our toes into app development by creating The App. It's since been installed over 2.5 million times. Warp takes that core and adds the technology we always wanted it to have: the ability to take all of your Internet traffic and run it over a smarter protocol which both makes it faster and more private. Once it gets to us we can route that traffic between our global nodes faster than the standard Internet (Warp+). Please install the app (if you don't already have it!) and join the waiting list. The more interest we get, the more time and attention we can devote to getting everyone on the list access to Warp!
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I can't use this at school because it blocks all ips