0x Instant

Add simple buying of crypto assets to your app or website

#5 Product of the DayDecember 06, 2018

0x Instant is a new product from the 0x core team that offers a convenient way for people to get access to a wide variety of tokens in just a few taps. Developers can integrate the open source library into their applications in order to both offer seamless access to crypto-assets and earn revenue, with just a few lines of code.

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Hey Product Hunters! 0x Team here. Super excited to share 0x Instant with you and answer any questions you have about the product. You can check it out in production at 0xinstant.org which is being hosted by rexrelay.com
@tomhschmidt Congrats on launching this Tom!
Wow, this is an excellent product. It should help with onboarding a lot of new users to crypto finance. We will be integrating it ASAP. Congratulations to the 0x team!
@rockfridrich Thanks Vadim! šŸ™

Really easy to buy some crypto without having to first deposit into an exchange. It's instant.


Trustless, decentralized, easy-to-use


Limited liquidity right now

Very excited to see this go live. Anyone who's been building in the space understands the pain points that this product addresses. This is a large step function improvement for crypto UX. 0x ships šŸš¢!
I'm a little confused. To be clear, this isn't for buying things online using crypto, this is for buying crypto itself? And, if so, aren't there other/better ways to buy crypto instead of on random websites? Or is this a donation thing? See, I told you I was confused. :)
@joshuapinter Hey Joshua! 0x Instant lets you purchase any ERC-20 or ERC-721 in just a few taps. We aggregate liquidity from the 0x networked liquidity pool so you get the price, and take care of paying fees / wrapping ETH. Instant is super useful when you just want to simply buy an asset in the moment, like buying some REP to create an Augur market, or buying an Axie so you can play Axie Infinity, and don't want to leave to go to an exchange
@tomhschmidt I love the simple presentation on the website - it looks so user friendly and inviting, but I have to agree with @joshuapinter that it was not clear for me also. Btw, a demo checkout experience would be good to have. Anyway, I have a question: Is it possible to buy custom ERC721 tokens using this checkout system? Or only those assets are available that appear on the list?
@tomhschmidt @joshuapinter @giekaton Any erc-20 asset is natively supported and erc-721 will be coming to 0x Instant with just a bit more work. The library we use to power the UI's core functionality is available here: https://0xproject.com/docs/asset... and supports 721 already
@joshuapinter The UI allows for one click purchasing of tokens with ETH w/o the setup required to trade on advanced decentralized exchange experiences. The primary UX difference between this and the standard consumer coinbase experience is you don't need to create an account and tokens land directly in your wallet w/o flowing through any intermediary. This is preferable for crypto applications that require you to use some token to perform an action (ex. need REP tokens to create an augur market)