Product Hunt Weekly Digest
February 13th, 2022

A new option for merchants and developers

We know how this community loves an open-source alternative. Medusa’s launch may strike a chord with those who run or support a business on Shopify, as it did for this commenter:

“This looks great, I'm a huge fan of Shopify and ran a store for nearly 8 years. I agree that I've written some horrible code to get Shopify to do what I want…” - Simon Barker

Maker Sebastian Rindom explained that he and his cofounders were motivated to create Medusa, a headless commerce platform, after often finding themselves hacking together solutions that left them “cringing while writing the code.”

If you’re feeling bad for Shopify, we’ll take a moment to remind you that they’re doing well. Shopify enables 1.75 million businesses to sell to their customers in 175 countries worldwide. The tech giant also consistently explores new partnerships and features to support sellers, making it a favorite tool for businesses and makers.

While Medusa’s solution offers out-of-the-box building blocks for your store along with plug-n-play integrations, similar to Shopify, the startup promises more customization that developers can leverage (“when you need to you can take full control over any part of Medusa and make it your own.”)

Anyone can checkout Medusa’s code (as open-source goes) and at least a couple of makers already took a peek under the hood and are feeling good:

“I'm really impressed by the architecture and code quality,” Cristian Toba commented.

Head to the link below to check out Medusa and leave feedback for the team.

Or, if you clicked on this email hoping to see a lot more open-source, we direct you now to Open Source Alternatives, a resource to find open-source tools by topic, from newsletters to observability platforms.

Build a new store

Compete against the world in a classic Dino Game. The game was initially developed by the Google Chrome team in 2014 to keep people engaged while their Internet was down.

Maker Andrei Nedelcu decided to put a competitive spin on it. You can play individually, as part of a team, or compete against other countries. No need to unplug your WiFi.

RAWR! Let's play! 🦖
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