Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 5th, 2022

A new approach to security compliance

Today’s Daily Digest is crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at Secureframe.

When a tech founder (or anyone else on the team) dreams of closing a huge deal, they probably leave out the mundane stuff, like wading through the customer’s hundred-line cybersecurity questionnaires to prove their product is up to snuff.

Compliance may not be sexy, but SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance are so crucial to doing business that telling a founder they can achieve it in weeks is enough to shoot a product to #1 Product of the Day. And earn it a shiny Golden Kitty Award.

The product: Secureframe.

After the startup made a splash with its launch a year ago, the company proceeded to close an $18 million Series A, led by Kleiner Perkins and with participation from Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI fund) and Base10 Partners.

Secureframe provides a complete security automation platform that simplifies compliance end to end. Its approach is to provide over 100 deep integrations with SaaS tools (like the ones your HR team uses) and cloud providers like AWS. Secureframe then automatically collects and stores the evidence that your company needs, saving hundreds of hours of tedious manual work.

To save time, companies can use one of the 40+ auditor-approved templates to get started, rather than starting from scratch. The platform also provides security awareness training and a vendor management portal where users can manage their vendors and detect which are in scope for each framework.

To modernize the old and slow audit approach, Secureframe provides continuous monitoring, real-time alerts, and a data room to generate reports. With traditional auditing and pre-audit prep, it often takes a company months of manual remediation before they can receive their certifications. That time is crucial in startup world.

Secureframe speeds up the process from months to weeks.

“Because Secureframe is basically adding a lot of automation with our software — and making the process so much simpler and easier — we’re able to bring the cost down to a point where this is something that a lot more companies can afford,” co-founder Shrav Mehta told TechCrunch. “...We’re trying to solve that problem to make it super easy for every organization to be secure from day one.”

Click through below to save your team months of time and schedule a demo of the platform.

Automate your compliance

As Web3 gains more traction, climate concerns are also getting more controversial.

Today, Showtime, which you might remember from its launch last year, is helping to address concerns with a new gasless NFT marketplace. This beta version will allow creators to mint and list NFTs for free on the Polygon network, which uses a Proof of Stake approach to mining that promises to cut the energy bill by 99.95%.

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