Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 11th, 2018

Pixel-perfect evvverryyything 👾
Pixel Art Camera 📸
Pixel art is the bomb, but it's painstakingly difficult to make yourself.
PixaTool is here to instantly convert your pictures into pixel art. Perfect for A E S T H E T I C S on Instagram, designing custom artwork for your apartment, or even building retro video games.
If you want to get a real-time preview of your pixel-art photography, this Pixel Art Camera will let you take deliciously retro pictures. 📸
For the artists, this Pixel Art Studio from Microsoft is like Photoshop but specifically for pixels. Design your own 8-bit world without busywork. 📝
And for the engineers, piCSSel-art lets you design pixel art with CSS. Just launched on Product Hunt last weekend and hit #3 overall. 🏆
Startups come and go. Very few last for decades. Some shut down when the founders call it quits. Others get acquired and subsequently killed by their adoptive parents. Few pivot into something great.

Product Graveyard commemorates the most memorable products that have gone away. The site is well-designed and informative, recognizing each startup’s cause of death, lifespan, notable achievements, and last known residence.

For example, Sunrise’s honorable grave reads:
👶  Born February 2013 and it died in August 2016
☠  Got killed by its adoptive parent who merge it into Outlook
🔮  Known for great UI, simple to use, and 3rd party services
🏠  Last know residence: OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, and Web

Product Graveyard has hundreds of products you can honor and learn from. If any are missing, submit a short 'autopsy' for the team to add, and share a eulogy (a fun story) in the PH comments and company page.
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