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July 2nd, 2018

Coinbase CEO launched a crypto charity 💰
Good Karma ✨
"When I first read the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper for bitcoin, I realized it represented an opportunity to bring economic freedom to people all over the world." - Brian Armstrong

Nearly half the world's population lives in poverty, according to UNICEF, and 1.3 billion people live on less than $1.25 per day. Giving to charity isn't easy, so we put together a list of 12 Apps To Help You Give Back:
💸, founded by Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, is a fund that aims to reduce poverty in the world by donating crypto to areas in need.  Cryptocurrencies make it easy to move money internationally, so your donations can get to the people who need it the most. You can donate to the fund, and help them meet their $10 million goal.

🖥️ Donate Your Tab lets you mine crypto in your browser and donate your proceeds to charity. All your time on Twitter and Netflix will pay off.

📦 Charity Box forces you to donate something every month by charging your card when you miss the donation deadline. You can even donate clothes, food, electronics, and toys.

📈 Effective Altruism Fund is like a mutual fund, but for charitable giving. Expert fund managers put in hundreds of hours of research and analysis to decide where your money should go for maximum impact.
Spotify quietly released a new app for those that want to listen to Drake's new album without burning through monthly data caps. 🦂