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June 27th, 2018

RIP Web Apps ⚰️
Create An App 🖥️
Web apps are sooooo 2016. 
Now you can turn your favorite web apps into desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux with Web2Desk.
Launched yesterday with 600+ upvotes, it supports Intercom, Grammarly, Telegram, Twitter, Asana, Airtable, and really anything else. Try it today.
Web2Desk isn't the only tool that Apple should have built years ago:
🎩 Alfred: Will make you never use your mouse again. Alfred user, David, says: "Alfred is the bee's knees.. the cat's pajamas.. understand? Download it. Get the Powerpack. Do it. Do it now."
⚡️ aText: It's like text-replacement, but super easy to modify, with the ability to add custom fields. Accelerate your typing.
🖥 Magnet & BetterSnapTool: Use keyboard shortcuts to move/resize windows around the screen. Both of these are amazing.

⌨ Keyboard Maestro: Conduct your Mac like a pro. Arun says: "Keyboard Maestro is crazy awesome. I have been using for an year now for a ton of automation and hotkeys."
🚀 Rocket will insert Slack-style emojis everywhere. This is the most essential app you will ever download.

Instagram quietly launched Instagram Lite this morning, designed to save space on your phone. This follows the launch of Messenger Lite, Google Go, and Twitter Lite, all targeted at international users who have limited access to data.

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