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Product Hunt Weekly Digest
August 8th, 2021


TikTok is getting lots of attention, as usual. Last week it announced ephemeral Stories and we all had something to say about it.

Last month, the company started testing a job application tool with the likes of Chipotle, Target, and Shopify. Now Gen Zers are landing jobs through #winning TikTok videos. Techies are predicting LinkedIn will follow with a similar feature soon.

Sure, PDF CVs have felt passé for a while, but we still send and upload them regularly.

CV first launched on Product Hunt 8 months ago with its new solution. Maker Andy Chung explained he wanted a simple page where he could edit and share his CV that wasn’t “heavy” like LinkedIn, but wasn’t a PDF either — a more “link-in-bio sized” resume.

The makers have now returned with Read.cv which includes social features to enable “meaningful connections” among users. Maker Joey Flynn explains how their approach is different from LinkedIn. The most important point is that “no one, including [the makers], can muck up your profile.” He explains:

“No one can endorse you for random stuff, no upsells, no banner ads... If read.cv is going to work, you're going to need to be able to send anyone your profile and know exactly what they're going to see — we will always preserve [that] at all costs.”

We are all about a clean, digital CV, particularly if it means finally putting an end to the miserable experience of uploading a PDF, then re-inputting all the same info into fields again.

On that note, another new launch, Job Tracker 2.0, is making job searching less painful. The Chrome extension and platform allows you to track and organize your applications across the web.

If you’re not a job seeker now, bookmark these or be a good friend and pass them on. Friends don’t let friends search for jobs unequipped.

If you are searching, psst... we're hiring!

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