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August 3rd, 2021

Maps that work like Figma

A real-time collaboration map tool launched today called Mapus that can help you plan trips synchronously with your family and friends.

Real-time collaboration is more important than ever in workspaces, but tech users want more out of their personal tools, too. Maker Alyssa X (a bootstrapping maker who launched Screenity to #1 in November) was surprised that other map tools only offered async collaboration.

Inspired by Figma, Mapus lets you highlight areas on the map, create lines and markers, find places, and view annotations, among other things. It's open-source and Alyssa X has included easy instructions in the GitHub repo so anyone can self-host a map.

Hyperbeam just launched its live collaboration tool on Product Hunt, too – a shared browsing site that lets you surf the web and watch shows with others. While there have been plenty of watch-together tools launch since the pandemic started, the community's enthusiasm for this product caught our eye.

“Love using Hyperbeam! So amazing that you've bootstrapped your way to a 10X better product and MAUs than your VC-backed peers.” - James Skylor

“Amazing product: the UI is clean and nice, super easy to understand, works way better than most similar products I've tried.” - Dursfellot

Hyperbeam was founded as a capstone project by an engineering team at the University of Waterloo. The makers have bootstrapped the product to over 150K monthly active users since starting in late 2019.

For more to do with friends, check out two more launches from the past year that enable shared Spotify playlists and shared video creation.

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