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June 13th, 2018

NEW from Snap 👻
Snap Kit 👻
Biiiiig Snap news: meet the new Snap Kit, a privacy-safe platform for developers to build apps on top of Snapchat.
Unlike Facebook, Snap Kit doesn’t share your friends with app developers (perhaps to avoid some of the issues and controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica). They've already partnered with Tinder, Patreon, Postmates, and GIPHY.
Snap Kit comes in four distinct parts:
📝 Creative Kit lets you integrate your own stickers, Filters, links, and more directly in Snapchat.
🔒 Login Kit will log you into other apps using Snapchat... and bring your Bitmoji with you. This is a big shot at Facebook log-in widget, which sucks up data from other apps at the same time as logging you in.
👋 Bitmoji Kit brings your Bitmoji anywhere. Yesssss.
📸 Story Kit embeds Snapchat Stories directly in other apps. We're excited for the inevitable wave of "Stories for X" extensions that will launch in the coming weeks.
Facebook and Twitter’s early success was largely driven by its developer community. We’ll have to see if Snap can do the same, and avoid some of the mistakes made by other developer platforms. 🦄
You won't become a founder by reading a book, but you can learn from other people’s challenges, successes, and journey starting up.

This collection of Founder Stories has some interesting resources to learn from as you navigate through your own journey in startups.

Notable highlights:
• The Careers of the Founders (a timeline)
Visual Biographies (infographics)
• The Speed of a Unicorn (not miles per hour)
• From Millions to Billions (cash money)

Lastly, learn how developers are writing their own paychecks. 🤑
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Coda brings all your tools together in one powerful doc, letting you create a workspace that works for you.

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