Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 5th, 2018

Tim Cook wants to steal your wallet 😳
Top Finance Apps 💸
Apple has spent all week trying to make you buy more $1000 iDevices.
Between Memojis, an improved Do Not Disturb mode, and apps that load 2x as fast... they're not making it easy. 😒
Your bank is conspiring with Apple. When you run out of money, they can slap you with penalties, fees, and interest charges. Ugh.
Fortunately, a wave of startups is here to help you protect your wallet. We've compiled the 50 Best Apps that Make Finance Fun Again:
🐷 Truebill lets you cancel any paid subscription in one-click. Yes, even that gym membership that you have been totally meaning to use.
👁️ Earny fights to get you money back when prices drop. Jeff Bezos has publicly confirmed that this app is his worst enemy.
😘 Honeydue lets couples manage their money together. Friends don't let friends spend $20 on avocado toast.
💳 Tally will manage your overdue credit card bills in the most efficient way. Just scan and go. Raised $17M from Shasta and Cowboy VC.
Give the entire list a peek. It's just waiting to save your bank account from Tim Cook's temptations. 😼

If you can't resist Apple's allure, here's a list of Everything Launched at WWDC. We won't tell anyone. 🤐

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