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June 4th, 2018

Apple is taking on Snapchat 😮
Everything Launched at WWDC 🍎
Apple's annual massive launch party developer conference kicked off yesterday, with huuuuuge updates to every Apple operating system.
First up, iOS 12 was completely revamped, including:
👦 Memoji, Tim Cook's answer to Snapchat's Bitmoji. Completely customizable, and you can control them with your face using the same tech that powers Animoji and Face ID. See GIF above for examples.
🌘 A new Do Not Disturb mode that will tell you exactly how long you spend on Twitter and remind you to take breaks. Use at your own risk.
⚡ Actual speed improvements. Apps should load 2x as fast.
📹 Group FaceTime for up to 32 people, resembling the wildly popular app, Houseparty, which boldly launched their Mac app yesterday.
😮 ARKit 2, with a built-in Augmented Reality ruler.
Next, your Mac's operating system is all new with macOS Mojave. We were hoping they would call it macOS Burning Man:
🔖 Automatically organize files with Stacks.
📸 Take more screenshots with less effort.
🛍️ Completely redesigned Mac App Store.
Oh, and the actual best part: there is now Dark Mode for your Mac. It is the best thing since Apple released space grey evvverryyything.

Tell that one coworker his meeting Should Have Been An Email... anonymously. There's always one. Treat. Yo. Self. 😏

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