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October 31st, 2016

Twitch co-founder launches a video Q&A app: 🐳
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Yesterday Justin Kan, the co-founder of and Twitch, launched a new video Q&A app. A lot of great insights have already been shared on Whale. Here are some of our favorites:

• Josh Constine's tips on how to best pitch your startup
• Loic Le Meur on how to build a network in Silicon Valley
• Tiffany Zhong on what edge young people have at tech investing
• Arianna Simpson on the most understated qualities of entrepreneurs
• Michael Seibel on what changes we can expect to see in Y Combinator

And yes, as Justin Kan explains, it's no coincidence that 🐳 is named after an emoji (sadly, 🐐 was taken). But there's good news! A ton of new potential startup names were just announced. The new emojis are 🔥.
Kickstarter just launched a livestreaming platform so you can chat with the creators behind tomorrow’s cool products. Best feature: selfie mode. 😬
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