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April 27th, 2021

Hold workshops as smooth as butter
Butter up
“That could have been an email.”
“Zoom fatigue”
“Just use async
Anyone else getting fatigued from all the stress?

Butter has joined the chat with an all-in-one tool for collaborative and delightful sessions that are “as smooth as butter” thanks to its features.

If you’ve already integrated all the apps for better Zooming and you’re killing it with productive meetings, tell us more! If you’re struggling at this point in the pandemic, Butter might be just your jam. Agenda, polls, breakouts, Miro, reactions, sounds, and session recaps are easily accessible in Butter, which works in your browser.

“Butter is a masterclass in product design and user delight!” - Luc de Leyritz

“Finally i don't feel like talking to a wall. Butter sessions are so much more fun.” - Tamer

There’s no doubt the video call space (and the anti-video call space) is packed tight, even beyond Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Whereby just launched Breakout Groups and we saw Around 2.0 launch earlier this year with AI-based noise suppression. Google knows they’ve got work to do — they announced that Google Meet will be getting a UI refresh next month, although from what we can tell, there are no plans for integrated collaboration tools (Google team, may we suggest Figma’s FigJam?).

The team at Butter is using their launch to help you make the most of your day with a full schedule of workshops. It should be a good way to learn something new and see how you like the tool.
Hustle Fund General Partner and co-founder, Elizabeth Yin, (aka @dunkhippo33 - the informational Twitter thread guru) shared her secrets for maintaining inbox 0.

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Get to Inbox 0 with Elizabeth Yin.
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