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April 19th, 2021

8 new community favorites for collaboration
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True story: This writer once had an otherwise savvy manager who gave feedback by taking actual photos of the screen and texting them. Despite urging for a better solution, the habit stuck. It was a nightmare that would pain any technophile because we know there are better solutions.

Here are eight new collaboration tools the community embraced quickly:

Disbug - Record your screen, narrate, and post technical logs to Jira.

“Quick way to create defects and attaching with JIRA. Well Done Man :)” - Vincent George

ProductShot - Enrich your screenshots to highlight what matters.

“I love this idea and tool… So far I’ve been using Keynote, and it’s pretty tedious.” - Norah Klintberg Sakal

Threadit by Google - Async video recordings with collaborative feedback tools.

“Record a short video of a few slides or diagrams, or a spreadsheet, and include an intro clip... Think business TikTok for short meetings....” - Elliott Ng

Screenity - Record, draw, highlight, and collaborate. Plus it’s open source.

“Loving how intuitive this is to use, particularly with the drawing features!” - Calum Webb

/record by Standups - Send recordings with AI-powered transcripts.

“very cool; super low friction to recording a voice memo and sharing in slack.” - Walter Chen

Bubbles - Drop a comment on anything on your screen.

“Yes - it is as simple as - Click, Comment, Share.” - kashif shamaz

Loom for Android - Watch, share, and record video messages; now on Android.

“FINALLY 😍” - Tasos Valtinos

Brevy Beta - Collaborate Google-doc style on your website.

“This reminds me of the workflow on GitHub where a commit can be linked to issues.” - Vahid Fazel-Rezai

Now go check out what commenters were calling the “greatest launch video of all time.”
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