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April 11th, 2021

Is this Zapier for people?
Improve your Routine
Who doesn’t love the feeling of checking something off of their to-do list? Sadly, managing that list is just another thing to do.

Routine is one of the latest launches to tackle list burden by combining notes, tasks, and your calendar using a fast keyboard shortcut method. Maker Julien Quintard explained that since both tasks and notes are information-based, he saw no reason why they should be split up.

“In Routine, tasks can be enhanced with a media-rich description (i.e a note) but notes can also embed checkboxes which are full-fledged tasks that can be scheduled, delegated, and more.”

Routine’s integration with Google Calendars and Tasks provides big benefits. Of course, there’s strong competition among list and productivity tools. Commenters inquired about the differences between Dynalist, and Workflowy has similar benefits too.

Then there’s the recent launch of Macro. Macro’s checklists are beefed up with the ability to assign tasks, automate actions, and track progress.

We’re big on note-taking and productivity tools here. Like you, we’re always searching for the ones that give us feels and form permanent habits. Both products have piqued interest in the community. One commenter noted on Routine:

“I have the same feeling I got when I discovered Notion a few years ago: I see the deep potential of the product and the team velocity. 🚀" - Alexis Jamet

Now let’s see if this one sticks.
Let them have funding.

Looking back: With Q1 behind us, reports on the state of venture funding confirmed what many have been feeling: global venture investment is at record highs. Get a quick recap on how funding broke down across startups and see who from the Product Hunt community joined the unicorn club.

Looking forward: This community is always finding new ways to support makers in their quest for funding. Here are some of the latest tools.

OpenVC - 2,200+ VC firms by thesis, free and open
Roll Up Vehicles by AngelList - One link for all your angel investors
Investor Pitch Training - Practice your pitch with real questions
Smart Founder Intros - Smart intros to relevant entrepreneurs
Founder Content - Curated list of resources for founders
FundBoard - Build a tailor-fit list of startup investors in minutes
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