Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 30th, 2018

How to get a free Macbook
Win a macbook pro 💻
Evvvvverrybody loves their Mac. Even Obama.
Not everybody loves paying for a Mac. We have a solution. 😽
We've partnered all of your favorite newsletters so you can win a brand new $2400 Macbook Pro for all of your cat GIFing needs.
After you win, you can download all of these 39 Must-Have Mac apps, as determined by the Product Hunt community:
🔍 Alfred lets you run your entire computer via your keyboard.
✂️ Jumpcut gives you copy-pasting super powers.
🚀 Rocket will insert Slack-style emojis everywhere.
Popclip is like a Swiss Army Knife for your cursor.
The winner of the Macbook Pro will also receive more Product Hunt stickers and t-shirts than they know what to do with. 🤗

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