Product Hunt Weekly Digest
March 28th, 2021

10 design tools to make life easy
More Design Tools
Some people have such a great blend of right and left brain that they made themselves a career in graphic design. The rest of us have Canva.

Even so, our mockups and landing pages often need a touch more to tell a story — illustrations with diverse characters, 3D images, and even just blobs.

We’ve seen a huge number of resources recently to help with quick design solutions, whether you’re a marketer, a designer saving time, or a bootstrapping maker crafting a pitch.

This list is about to save you some design time.

Blobs 2.0 - Simple blob generator

Presentations by Pitch - 50+ templates for your Pitch

Float - Tool to transform your static artwork into moving creations

Amigos - Hand-drawn illustrations of characters that are remixable

Haikei - Tool to generate unique SVG shapes, backgrounds, and patterns

MagicPattern Toolbox - Toolkit of patterns, gradients, and, yup, more blobs

Studyum 3D Icons - 28 customizable 3D icons

THINGS - 3D customizable device mockups - AI-powered background removal

Sensa Emoji - Free, vector, and open-source emoji set

And once you’ve made it through the list, take a break with this game to identify fonts.
Bienvenue au Musée du Louvre!

The Louvre put its entire collection online to browse for free. The museum has been shut since October due to the pandemic, much to the heartbreak of Parisiens and art lovers worldwide.

Now you can explore via collections, interactive map, or themed albums.
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