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March 18th, 2021

Google vs. TikTok
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Everyone wants to get their hands on the magic behind TikTok. Even Google.

Facebook, Instagram, and Snap have long been in this race, meanwhile YouTube has been playing catch-up. They launched their own short-form answer to TikTok in India last year to beta testers.

Now, YouTube is expanding its YouTube Shorts beta to the US. YouTubers can record, edit, and share content that’s 60 seconds or less and set it to popular music thanks to deals with a list of music companies including Universal and Sony.

In what could be considered fortuitous or serendipitous timing, Twitter just shared that it’s testing a way to let you watch YouTube videos right from your timeline.

<280 characters + <60 seconds. That sounds like a highly compatible match.

As you’re heading into the weekend with yet another channel to share your short-form content, Kamua could be a huge help. The video editing tool made its debut recently with AI automation to help creators optimize video across all major video platforms, from YouTube to TikTok to Instagram.

We’ll leave you with this helpful comment from a fellow creator.

“Pro tip for creating social content - shoot everything in landscape and use Kamua to convert to portrait, square, 4x5, etc. It’s so much easier…” - Jim Harrison
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